18 April 2012
If you could say something to a million people, what would you say?First e-mail from the listserve

Got this as a first e-mail at the listserve. Check em out, a novel concept. No idea, what I’m gonna say at all.

I’m sorry to break this to you, in an e-mail from a random stranger like this, but it needs to be said: Most of your life won’t be fantastic. I’m not joking. The adventures you’ll tell your children about will be a minuscule part of it. So if you want to avoid the feeling of utter disappointment as you grow older, you need to accept that fact. Sorry.

This leads us to the insight: You should focus more on the non-fantastic parts. The parts where you eat breakfast, walk to the bus, have a boring day at work, eat your ordinary lunch, shop groceries, and brush your teeth. After all, this is the major part of your life, and neglecting it is a wasted opportunity.

Here’s the thing: Most of the boring stuff in your life is so dull, that even the tiniest thing can make it seem fun. The tiniest thing. This means the you could make it better with extremely simple means.

What exactly am I talking about here? Little things. Like these:

* Challenges: When brushing your teeth tonight, use your left hand.
* Mind games: When you enter work (or school!), imagine the sound “Kabaaaam!” as you enter, as if your presence changed the whole room.
* Action: Jump down from the side-walk, instead of just stepping down.
* Changes: Buy some fancy tomato sauce tonight, instead of your usual brand.
* More action: Count the number of pink things on your way to work, as if your life depended on it.

See? Easy stuff. I really try to live by this “Everyday Action” idea, and I think it works for making the boring parts of life more fun. Because that’s the thing: just because the fantastic moments are few, there’s no reason to just sit there, waiting for the next big thing to swipe you off your feet. Have some fun meanwhile, it’s easy…


Emil Stenström
Stockholm, Sweden

23 February 2012
Stephen Hawking is off his rocker…

One of my friends shared a youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQhd05ZVYWg - Curiosity with Stephen Hawking, Did God Create the Universe?  - a short TV spot about Stephen Hawking’s latest book and theory of why the Universe does not need a creator to exist.  

I was really excited to see this, being a person of reason and logic, I always love discovering new ways of presentation about life and all it’s intricacies. The video fell short unfortunately to satiate my hunger for new knowledge. It’s a 40+ minute piece which uses the history of the Church’s resistance to scientific truths as the filler, and only in the last few minutes do we get down to the real meat of the argument.

Low and behold, nothing new here, Stephen Hawking boils down his argument to the level of quantum mechanics where protons appear and disappear out of nothing, so the Universe’s Big Bang can too, appear and disappear out of nothing. Stephen keeps reiterating that since the Laws of Nature are fixed and cannot be broken, this world, the big bang, Energy(Mass) and Space are all a natural phenomenon. Furthermore, since Stephen says that time began from the moment of the big bang, (Time itself did not exist before) - there was no “Time” for God to exist before the Big Bang. 

Riiiight. Boooring.  Let this silly non Mensa society lowly being show you why that argument still falls short. First lets start with Quantum Physics. 

Protons appear and disappear out of nothing. Firstly, the theory of Quantum Mechanics allows for this to happen, the true argument here is that with the addition of the laws of Energy Conservation this appearance and disappearance of protons explains the existence of parallel universes. It is not out of nothing that these protons come to exist and disappear it is based on the fact that protons are moving in and out of our realm of existence. To say that these protons come out of Nothing would be to violate the infinite truth of Nothing (that it is Nothing).

Secondly, let’s talk about the observer effect and the many-worlds posit of Quantum Mechanics. The basic tenant of this theory is that you will see the behaviour which you wish to observe. It boils down to whether light is a wave or a particle, because it behaves as both depending on the different tests. Well the truth is, Light is both a wave and a particle, and it depends on the observer effect. This is what is commonly referred to as the Levels of Truth. For example, it is true that humans are covered in skin. But if you look deeper you will see that humans are covered in cells. Those cells have a nucleus. The nucleus has strands of DNA and RNA. and so on and so on. All of these things are true, they are just different levels of truth. The same goes with whether a light is a wave or a particle. It’s levels of truth, and it depends on the level that you are testing for. But I digress…

Let’s come back to Quantum Mechanics. There is in fact something smaller than the proton. What is this mysterious particle? It is the smallest, most infinitesimal particle of all. And it is the particle that represents your thought. Yes shocking, I know, but if you believe at all in Noetic Science, it posits to us that our thoughts are energy and therefore have mass. As E=MC^2 teaches us, energy is a form of Mass and vice versa.

Recap: Protons move in and out of different universes and thoughts have mass. (Stay with me, there is a method to my madness.)

Let’s address this 100% crutch that Hawking is using with the Laws of Physics and Nature. Stephen in all his glory, tells us that unlike the laws of Men, the Laws of Nature and Physics cannot be broken. Is it not a natural extension to ask who designed these infallible unbreakable laws? Are they in fact unbreakable? I don’t know, but I’d rather err on the side of caution to say something is absolute 100%, as time and time again science itself has proven that nothing is 100% guaranteed, and all absolute truths have been challenged in the past before.

To say that the laws of Physics and Nature cannot be broken is to say that Telekinesis is impossible. That healing with the power of thought is impossible, and that a persons chi is non-existent. Because how does that fit in to our current understanding of physics right?

Ok, lets keep moving along this journey. Hawking tells us, and rightfully so, that God can’t exist because previous to the Big Bang, time did not exist. You know what, hes 100% right on the time part. Yes, Time, as defined by humans, a linear concept, which delineates the travel of light into units, did not exist. Wow, what an eye opener! It’s true that time did not exist before the big bang. It’s also true that time is so integral to our lives that we can barely comprehend an idea that would be without time. Knock knock, Stephen, Time is a human construct, a comfortable little crutch we use to help explain our life and death cycle, in fact it is so enshrined into our living, that everything down to the molecular level lives on this life and death linear time cycle. Stephen, no offence, but you do realize that there could be a space/reality where time does not exist right? Time is only useful for us to describe our universe the way we see it now, at this moment. It’s not an actual absolute truth, why are you trying to trick people with this simple illusion of time, and present it as a universal truth… I expected better from a physicist.

Let’s re-cap once again.  Multiple universes explain the movement of protons, Thoughts have mass, the laws of nature and physics may not be 100% infallible, and time is a linear human concept used to measure the travel of light. 

How does this stack up against Stephen’s Argument?
Let’s turn to the biblical texts, - actually this is so amazing, I’m perplexed as to why nobody ever brings this up.

John 1:1 - The most common English interpretation goes as such:

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."  

Now typically here Christians justify the existence of the Holy Trinity and the rightful existence of Jesus. But let’s not be fundamental, just read that sentence again. 

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."   

Mind blowingly, right in the open this phrase actually talks about the big bang! Stay with me here. I think people have been reading this and just skimming over, forgetting the absolutely crazy thing this sentence is saying. In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Read it… This is the big bang. Word. Hello World (2 Words). What precedes the Word? That’s right, thought does. What do thoughts have? They have mass!

In the Beginning was the WORD!

Word was with God,

and the Word was God! 

Are you with me? Has your mind been blown yet? Let’s tie in Stephen’s argument against God here. He’s saying big bang came into existence out of Nothing. Popped in just like a proton. Noetic Science tells us that thoughts have mass. To this day, there is nothing smaller than thought (in weight)… Thought precedes spoken Word, but, if you think about this, for God, the thought and Word are one and the same. Could it then be possible, that with God’s thought, who was the Word, and the Word was God, the big bang popped into existence? One Thought, One Word, and the Word is God.

Am I nuts? Maybe, but hear me out.  Jesus, whether you believe in him as a deity, a teacher, or prophet, actually tells us of Noetic Science. What does he say? 

Luke 17:16
He replied, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.

THINK about what this means. Thoughts have mass. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Matthew 17:20 tells us also:
He replied, “Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” 

If your faith and thoughts towards God amounted to the mass of a mustard seen, you can move bushes and mountains, and the laws of Nature will bend to and obey you. 

Talk about the power of one’s mind, right? Think about this revolutionary freedom. We know that the observer can influence the order of random number generation with the power of their thoughts. What if this power of thought could be concentrated and harnessed?  This scripture is always presented as you just have to have faith in God, and the mustard seed is a very small amount, but in reality can you imagine how much faith a mustard seed worth of weight requires? It is in fact a hidden truth from us…  Just like that bit about the eye of the needle and the camel passing through it.

But if you had an enormous amount of faith, enough to make it’s weight to a mustard seed, you would bend nature to your will.

Is this crazy? Maybe - but it sure beats the Nothing theory from Stephen.
There’s all kinds of fascination with the Word in the Biblical Scriptures - for example once God creates Adam, he gives Adam the task of Naming everything. Assigning Words to God’s creation…

You think I’m nuts? Let me know, in the comments below! 

14 November 2011
Children Write to God

Recently, almost by accident, I stumbled upon a very moving book. “Children Write to God”. The author of the book asked children to write down what they would like to tell God, and received many delightful letters with the answer to his question.

Below are some of the touching excerpts from the book that are sure to put a smile on your face:

  • Hello God, if you will cause a doomsday, who will be left to pray to you?
  • A blue sky, Lord, is this when you are in a good mood?
  • Do you service other countries?
  • I understood that you are the most important on Earth, even if you live in the sky. Won’t you be re-elected?
  • Lord, did you listen to your mom as a child?
  • Of course, I love You, but I love mom and dad more. Is that ok?
  • The candles for sale at church, is this your business?
  • I read that Jesus was a Jew, but him being Your son, that means you’re also a Jew?
  • When is a person considered an adult? When they aren’t afraid of needles, or when he likes Svetlana?
  • They trimmed the trees in our park. When I asked why it was done, it was explained to me that it helps the trees grow. So, if I don’t go to the hairdresser,  I won’t grow, mature, or get old and I won’t die?
  • Catholics have one good, Muslims have another, Jews have a third, Lutherans fourth, and the Orthodox fifth. So how many are you there?
  • A person can’t eat meat, but what about cutlets?
  • Dear God, if he gave me a bite of Snickers, is this love?
  • Why did you have to turn off the day?
  • Why is the world round?
  • How is your life in the sky? Do you have everything? Maybe you need something?
  • Why don’t schools pay a stipend?
  • Are you created for the whole world?
  • If you live in the sky, how come the Sun doesn’t burn you?
  • How many classes will I finish, and how will I live in the future?
  • Did you make illnesses for the needles?
  • Will Aliens have an end of the world too?
  • You created man in your image and likeness, what about the alien?
  • Lord, please send me an idea before Sunday how to make 6 dollars out of 3. Just don’t send me the idea about borrowing them from someone. This idea, you’ve already sent me for the first 3 dollars.
  • Could you please turn on the sun, our home heating was turned off, and my grandma is cold.
  • Could you make my handwriting better, then I can write my exam, and it’ll be easier for you to read my letters.
  • I would like to become a magician? What, you can’t do it?
  • When I see you for the first time, Lord, I won’t ask for anything. That way you’ll think – what a humble boy, and give me a Mercedes.
  • If you find my glove, please return it. Just be Honest!
  • Well, why wouldn’t you make rain fall with music?
  • If you first made the woman, you wouldn’t have to bother with the ribs.
  • A bad grade in school – is this my sin? So if yes, then I can skip classes. I mean, keeping away from sin and all…
  • How come you’re so uncertain, on day you’re cold, the other hot, also you can be so windy.
6 November 2011

Nothing is impossible, the word itself say’s “I’M POSSIBLE” - Audrey Hepburn

5 November 2011

Which Social Network should you post too? Follow the flowchart above ^^

27 October 2011


The announcement that Nexus One users won’t be getting upgraded to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich led some to justifiably question Google’s support of their devices. I look at it a little differently: Nexus One owners are lucky. I’ve been researching the history of OS updates on Android phones…

20 October 2011

Demotivational - Energy and Environment

Turtles live a long time, them little dinosaurs! 

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20 October 2011

Arny’s 6 Rules of Life

  1. Trust Yourself
  2. Brake Some Rules
  3. Don’t be afraid to Fail
  4. Ignore Naysayers
  5. Work your butt off (Work like Hell)
  6. Give back to your community, state, city, world
28 September 2011
The Thief

A businessman, travelling by coach through a forest, was accosted by a thief.

"Your money or your life," said the thief.

"Take all that I have," said the traveller, "but please don’t harm me."

The thief took the man’s money and was about to leave when his victim begged, “Take pity on me! How can I return home, having spent so much time an the road, with nothing to show for my effort? I’ll be the laughing stock of the community. People will say that I failed as a businessman. They won’t believe that I was robbed. At least if I could prove that I put up a great struggle before surrendering my possessions, then the disgrace would be easier to bear. Please, do me a favor and shoot two bullets into my top-hat so that the robbery will be obvious.”

The thief was sympathetic and obliged his victim by firing two bullets into the hat.

"While you’re at it," pleaded the traveller, "maybe you could put another two holes into the coach."

Again the thief consented, and fired two more rounds into the luxurious wagon.

He was about to go when, in a voice which was hardly a whisper, his victim timidly said, “I know that this may seem silly, but perhaps you could shoot a few bullets into my overcoat so that the story will be more convincing.”

The thief did as he was asked until his bullets were gone. Then the traveller overpowered his assailant and retrieved his money. 

adapted by Gedaliah Fleer

from the stories of Rebbe Nachman

15 September 2011
some long term perspective

On Re-incarnation - by Deepak Chopra

What was most magical in my childhood was transformation. Death itself was seen as a brief stopping point on an endless soul journey that could turn a peasant into a king and vice versa. With the possibility of infinite lifetimes extending forward and backward, a soul could experience hundreds of heavens and hells.

Death ended nothing; it opened up limitless adventures. A drop of water becomes vapor, which is invisible, yet vapor materializes into billowing clouds, and from clouds rain falls back to earth, forming river torrents and eventually merging into the sea.

Has the drop of water died along the way? No, it undergoes a new expression at each stage. Likewise, the idea that I have a fixed body locked in space and time is a mirage.

Any drop of water inside my body could have been ocean, cloud, river, or spring the day before. I remind myself of this fact when the bonds of daily life squeeze too tight.

- this statement is such an empowering message!

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26 July 2011
explaining fraternal/sorority initiation need

a study of fifty-four tribal cultures found that those with the most

dramatic and stringent initiation ceremonies were those with the greatest

group solidarity….Young (1965)

25 July 2011
Love, Life, Work, Winning. Small steps, great bounds.

-today at work, I sent a small little message…

Hello NAME, 

Thank you for the: “ANNOYING PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE” –message in OneNote,

Next time though, it might seem a little less invasive if you send me a quick e-mail or disregard the spelling mistake overall, as it doesn’t really affect the overall workflow or operation of CO NAME.

No worries though I appreciate your thoroughness where and when it is properly placed. :-)

** CAPS are instead of identifying info.

12 July 2011

recovered from the depths of my youthful posts, I wonder how much I’ve changed since then… This piece was titled trust,


i have none

trust that is 

a sense of loss
a sense of pain
a sense of lacking
in despair
no one said
it would be easy
but no one warned
it would be this

it’s like a drug
a smoke
a drink
you know it’s
to your being
you long
for one more
just a single time
the last time
for a good time
for old times 

but when do you
let go?
should you?
do you have

you have control!

-may 18,200^

7 July 2011
China’s next 5 year plan? Chinese Trade Ministry, on instructions from the Communist Party Pollit Bureau:


1 Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Technologies

2 The New Energy Economy 
– Sustainable, Renewable and Alterative Green Energy Equipment

3 Next Generation Digital Communications, Information Systems and Technology
– Intelligent Systems, Smart Devices, Smart Apps, Smart Grid and Cloud Services

4 Bio-technology 
– Bio-mechanics, Smart Medical Appliances, Smart Hospitals, 
– Pharmaceuticals and Genetic Engineering

5 High-Technology Industrial Equipment 
– Energy and the Environment 
– Automotive and Aerospace 
– Railways and Shipping
– Building and Construction 
– Mining and Quarrying

6 New Materials Industries
– Nano-technology Fibres and Composites

7 The New Transportation Sector 
– Aerospace, Automotive, Rail and Shipping Industries 
– Utilising New Energy, New Materials and High-Technology Industrial Equipment

20 June 2011
Resume Wording Mastery :-)

Moved a clothing rack – “Redesigned inventory placement.”

Talked a customer into buying two ice cream cones instead of one – “Increased revenues 100%.”

Worked as a cashier – “Supervised financial transactions with the public.”

Answered phone – “Console communications specialist.”

Pointed a customer towards the bathroom – “Solved customer problems/Improved health and safety protocol.”

Showed a new person how to work the coffee machine – “Employee training in office technology.”

Got creepy person to leave the building – “Enforced security protocol and secured business perimeter.”

Sent external emails – “Updated communications and served as public relations liaison.”

Got obnoxious office mate to stop telling dirty jokes – “Served as employee grievance mediator.”

Unjammed paper from copy machine – “Troubleshooting print technology.”

Opened baffling attachment: “Served as communications sysadmin.”

Planned small surprise karaoke party for boss – “Media and entertainment planner.”