6 November 2011

Nothing is impossible, the word itself say’s “I’M POSSIBLE” - Audrey Hepburn

5 November 2011

Which Social Network should you post too? Follow the flowchart above ^^

27 October 2011


The announcement that Nexus One users won’t be getting upgraded to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich led some to justifiably question Google’s support of their devices. I look at it a little differently: Nexus One owners are lucky. I’ve been researching the history of OS updates on Android phones…

20 October 2011

Demotivational - Energy and Environment

Turtles live a long time, them little dinosaurs! 

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20 October 2011

Arny’s 6 Rules of Life

  1. Trust Yourself
  2. Brake Some Rules
  3. Don’t be afraid to Fail
  4. Ignore Naysayers
  5. Work your butt off (Work like Hell)
  6. Give back to your community, state, city, world
28 September 2011
The Thief

A businessman, travelling by coach through a forest, was accosted by a thief.

"Your money or your life," said the thief.

"Take all that I have," said the traveller, "but please don’t harm me."

The thief took the man’s money and was about to leave when his victim begged, “Take pity on me! How can I return home, having spent so much time an the road, with nothing to show for my effort? I’ll be the laughing stock of the community. People will say that I failed as a businessman. They won’t believe that I was robbed. At least if I could prove that I put up a great struggle before surrendering my possessions, then the disgrace would be easier to bear. Please, do me a favor and shoot two bullets into my top-hat so that the robbery will be obvious.”

The thief was sympathetic and obliged his victim by firing two bullets into the hat.

"While you’re at it," pleaded the traveller, "maybe you could put another two holes into the coach."

Again the thief consented, and fired two more rounds into the luxurious wagon.

He was about to go when, in a voice which was hardly a whisper, his victim timidly said, “I know that this may seem silly, but perhaps you could shoot a few bullets into my overcoat so that the story will be more convincing.”

The thief did as he was asked until his bullets were gone. Then the traveller overpowered his assailant and retrieved his money. 

adapted by Gedaliah Fleer

from the stories of Rebbe Nachman

15 September 2011
some long term perspective

On Re-incarnation - by Deepak Chopra

What was most magical in my childhood was transformation. Death itself was seen as a brief stopping point on an endless soul journey that could turn a peasant into a king and vice versa. With the possibility of infinite lifetimes extending forward and backward, a soul could experience hundreds of heavens and hells.

Death ended nothing; it opened up limitless adventures. A drop of water becomes vapor, which is invisible, yet vapor materializes into billowing clouds, and from clouds rain falls back to earth, forming river torrents and eventually merging into the sea.

Has the drop of water died along the way? No, it undergoes a new expression at each stage. Likewise, the idea that I have a fixed body locked in space and time is a mirage.

Any drop of water inside my body could have been ocean, cloud, river, or spring the day before. I remind myself of this fact when the bonds of daily life squeeze too tight.

- this statement is such an empowering message!

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26 July 2011
explaining fraternal/sorority initiation need

a study of fifty-four tribal cultures found that those with the most

dramatic and stringent initiation ceremonies were those with the greatest

group solidarity….Young (1965)

25 July 2011
Love, Life, Work, Winning. Small steps, great bounds.

-today at work, I sent a small little message…

Hello NAME, 

Thank you for the: “ANNOYING PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE” –message in OneNote,

Next time though, it might seem a little less invasive if you send me a quick e-mail or disregard the spelling mistake overall, as it doesn’t really affect the overall workflow or operation of CO NAME.

No worries though I appreciate your thoroughness where and when it is properly placed. :-)

** CAPS are instead of identifying info.

12 July 2011

recovered from the depths of my youthful posts, I wonder how much I’ve changed since then… This piece was titled trust,


i have none

trust that is 

a sense of loss
a sense of pain
a sense of lacking
in despair
no one said
it would be easy
but no one warned
it would be this

it’s like a drug
a smoke
a drink
you know it’s
to your being
you long
for one more
just a single time
the last time
for a good time
for old times 

but when do you
let go?
should you?
do you have

you have control!

-may 18,200^

7 July 2011
China’s next 5 year plan? Chinese Trade Ministry, on instructions from the Communist Party Pollit Bureau:


1 Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Technologies

2 The New Energy Economy 
– Sustainable, Renewable and Alterative Green Energy Equipment

3 Next Generation Digital Communications, Information Systems and Technology
– Intelligent Systems, Smart Devices, Smart Apps, Smart Grid and Cloud Services

4 Bio-technology 
– Bio-mechanics, Smart Medical Appliances, Smart Hospitals, 
– Pharmaceuticals and Genetic Engineering

5 High-Technology Industrial Equipment 
– Energy and the Environment 
– Automotive and Aerospace 
– Railways and Shipping
– Building and Construction 
– Mining and Quarrying

6 New Materials Industries
– Nano-technology Fibres and Composites

7 The New Transportation Sector 
– Aerospace, Automotive, Rail and Shipping Industries 
– Utilising New Energy, New Materials and High-Technology Industrial Equipment

20 June 2011
Resume Wording Mastery :-)

Moved a clothing rack – “Redesigned inventory placement.”

Talked a customer into buying two ice cream cones instead of one – “Increased revenues 100%.”

Worked as a cashier – “Supervised financial transactions with the public.”

Answered phone – “Console communications specialist.”

Pointed a customer towards the bathroom – “Solved customer problems/Improved health and safety protocol.”

Showed a new person how to work the coffee machine – “Employee training in office technology.”

Got creepy person to leave the building – “Enforced security protocol and secured business perimeter.”

Sent external emails – “Updated communications and served as public relations liaison.”

Got obnoxious office mate to stop telling dirty jokes – “Served as employee grievance mediator.”

Unjammed paper from copy machine – “Troubleshooting print technology.”

Opened baffling attachment: “Served as communications sysadmin.”

Planned small surprise karaoke party for boss – “Media and entertainment planner.”

2 June 2011
“Tragedies do happen. We can discover the reason, blame others, imagine how different our lives would be had they not occurred. But none of that is important: they did occur, and so be it. From there onward we must put aside the fear that they awoke in us and begin to rebuild.”


2 June 2011

Get lost in books!

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2 June 2011


I am the girl kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother that I am a lesbian.

I am the prostitute working the streets because nobody will hire a transsexual woman.

I am the sister who holds her gay brother tight through the painful, tear-filled…

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